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Gin Lane has been lucky enough to have been a part of the Harry’s journey since day one. From concept to launch, from two employees to over 500, we’re thankful for a continued and collaborative partnership with their incredible team.

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The Harry’s Way

Warby Parker co-founder Jeff Raider and Andy Katz-Mayfield came to Gin Lane with a simple but powerfull idea: to create a company that could offer a quality shave at a respectful price.

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The Harry’s website was concepted and designed to tell the brand’s story through showcasing the exceptional quality of it’s products. To meet the task, we employed strategic copywriting, interactive content production, and end-to-end interactive systems design. The resulting site has become a benchmark for what a thoughtful, quiet and helpful ecommerce site can look like.

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Harry’s Story

As we worked with Harry’s founders to write the story of Harry’s, we sketched and storyboarded fun visual toys and tools to help illustrate it. Throughout the site, interactive diagrams and short video vignettes take the viewer on a journey from the brand’s inception, through product design, and the clean tiles of a gentleman’s bathroom

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Harry’s Moves

Along with sketching, designing, and developing these storytelling elements, we shot and produced a series of Ultra-HD RED photo and video segments to showcase the Harry’s products themselves. Throughout the site, they provide fascinating details like the enlightened chemistry behind Harry’s Shave Cream’s formula, the paintbrush-like functionality of the razor’s flexible “neck,” and the deliberately significant weight of the handle’s body.

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The Cut Archive

We created a iPad-based CRM tool for Harry’s Corner Shop, empowering its barbers to log the details of each cut that they’ve given over time for a superior & consistent customer experience.

“The app is kind of brilliant. We all wonder why every salon doesn’t have this.”

- TechCrunch


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