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Working closely with Partners & Spade, Gin Lane brought interactivity and contextualized storytelling to J.Crew’s in-store personal shopping program, Very Personal Stylist. Launched in New York and Los Angeles as a pilot program, … the initiative represents Gin Lane’s first connected commerce initiative.

No. 01

Your Personal Stylist

J.Crew’s Very Personal Stylist iPad application presents expert styling tips in short interactive stories that were shot, and directed just for the iPad. Featured in the J.Crew’s Men & Women’s stores in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle and Los Angeles’ Santa Monica Promenade.

No. 02

From Storyboard to Screen

Through a collaborative interactive content production process, the teams nimbly planned, tested, and executed a shoot that would bring the VPS app to life. Using Ultra-HD RED photography ensured that our models would look their finest on the iPad’s retina display.

No. 03

Stylish Storytelling

Very Personal Stylist offers twelve stories per season; six for men, and six for women. Each story is told through a unique and playful series of interactions, inviting the user to slide, tap, swipe, and spin through each chapter of style tips.

Click & Drag To Spin
No. 04

Video You Can Touch

Memorably, the JCrew VPS application was among the first to showcase Gin Lane’s approach to 360º interactive content, which have since become a hallmark of our interactive signature.

The models were shot on slowly rotating carousels, then carefully stitched together. The result is a completely seamless 360º rotation, helping users to view see fit and fabric from a new angle.


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