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Zeel redefines the wellness sector by providing high-end massage therapy services on-demand. Gin Lane redesigned the Zeel IOS app to streamline the process of registration and appointment making, while utilizing thoughtful UI and gesture-based animations to communicate a sense of personality around the service and brand.

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The Opportunity

In order for Zeel to provide high-end luxury massage therapy, a lot of personal information needs to be collected. Gin Lane crafted an experience that was conversational in nature and create a dialogue between the application and user. Gin Lane focused on created an emotional connection of trust and comfort in order to seamlessly guide users through a beautiful UX while at the same time accomplishing what they need to do.

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The Approach

We dove head-first into the problem, taking a “method actor" approach that saw our designers and strategists signing up for the Zeel service and booking appointments. The crux of the opportunity quickly became clear; of the large (and growing) population of mobile-powered convenience services, Zeel was amongst the most deeply personal. After all, what could be more personal than letting a massage therapist into your home? We determined that our new user experience had to center around three key principles; contextual clarity, friendly personality, and personal trust. In order for Zeel to fulfill on its promise; users would need to know exactly what to expect; the whos, whats, wheres, and most importantly, the whys of the massage-on-demand experience.

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The Solution

By providing this extra level of context and conversation, users of the new application are informed throughout the booking process and are empowered to learn more through intuitive interactions.

No. 04

The Brand

The work Gin Lane accomplished with Zeel has since permeated it’s way outside the iOS application. The visual system that was created has since been leveraged by Zeel as a simple and human way for them to connect with customers. Since launching the application, this design language has been been taken to Zeel’s offline collateral, website and android iOS application. Gin Lane’s goal was to develop a system of communication that would serve as a solid foundation for the brand to grow for years to come.


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